TnC Turns 1 Year Old

July 25, 2014

TnC celebrates 1 year of web-comic awesomeness! This week's anniversary edition of TnC is a special double sized strip! This week's episode continues the tradition of the same TnC humor readers know and love and also takes time to bow to influences both in other comic series and in pop culture.

Thank you to the fans and readers who have responded to the series with such positive support. For the last year it has been very well received, and the support continues to grow! Your support leads to greater inspiration and motivation in Cory's scripts and encourages me to push the art to be the best it can be week after week. Every week, your likes and shares help the exposure of the webcomic and shows us that you like what we're doing! Please continue to share, like and read the strip and let us know you are enjoying it for the weeks to come!

Thanks to Cory for having me on the series, its a lot of fun to work on and I'm very glad to continue being part of TnC. 

Go like the TnC Facebook page, and read the 1 year anniversary strip here:

And on the TnC webcomic page
Tnc #52 1 Year Anniversary Strip

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