Warmup 15-30 min - Geoff Munn's Chuck from Kiosk: Life In Neutral

July 29, 2014

#webcomic #comics #kiosk #gmunny #warmup
This morning's warmup continues the 'FanArt of Other's OCs' theme - picked a character this morning from Geoff Munn's 'Kiosk: Life In Neutral' - something about the character Chuck just said 'ddood.... draw me.' So I did. Pulled out my Jay/Silent Bob and my Big Lebowski vibe for this one!
Fun stuff - stay tuned will be doing this probably through next week as theres too many friend's characters I want to do to narrow down to one week.
And if Geoff likes this sketch wants a copy, just email me at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com I'll toss it over bud!
Check out Kiosk here! http://www.kioskcomic.com

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