TnC Webcomic Year 2 Begins Today!

August 1, 2014

As released today on the TnC websites! Brand new cover art for year 2! (cropped above) and EWG taking a month off while some guests steal the show! Look forward to seeing the new interpretations!

From Cory:
"Figured after a year of TnC, with no deadlines missed, Eryck deserved a nice break.  So I decided to let him enjoy the last month of summer off with a nice vacation.  So, the month of August shall be known as :  Guest Artist August.   Each week will be a different guest artist from other webcomic creators or just some really great artists that I like.  Hope you guys enjoy the different interpretations that we get."

Read the comic every Friday here! On facebook

And on the TNC homepage!

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