Warmup - Plastic Robot

July 28, 2014

#warmup #sketch #comics #drawing
This week, I'm using the theme 'other's OCs' for my warmups. Each morning, my 15-30 min warmup sketches will be focused on other folks I have the pleasure of meeting across these interwebs. But more specificly, their original characters. This will allow me to do some fanart of other folks' creations when i otherwise might not have time or a chance. Today kicking it off is along overdue art of 'Plastic Robot', created/owned by David Mcdonald over at - http://plastic-robot-comic.deviantart.com/ - very cool character hope I did him some justice! David, email me at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com and I'll toss you a copy of this - no charge!
Onto the work day! Stay tuned to this site and the sketchbook section of the art gallery page for more installments. Who will I do fan arts of next? Stay tuned!

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