Some New Things I Learned About The Inkscape Calligraphy Tool

October 15, 2020

Experimenting with the look and feel of a new brush. Click to enlarge!

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I've been tweaking the mass, wiggle, tremor and thinning settings on a new brush in Inkscape this morning! I'm getting ready to get to work off-stream on this perfect sunny breezy fall day! I've tweaked settings and saved brush presets in the past, but this particular session was inspired by an Inkscape tutorial I stumbled upon! You can check it out too if you click help/ tutorials and then the one about 'Calligraphy'. 

Never looked at this menu much before. But a very nice discovery! Click to enlarge!

The Calligraphy tool is the main tool I use when I'm drawing with my pressure sensitive Wacom tablet in Inkscape. There was a lot of great information in this tutorial, but here are two that taught me something I didn't already know!

1.) Changing the width in the middle of a stroke without lifting up from the line your drawing:

Screenshot taken from Inkscape Tutorial, click to enlarge

2.) I learned what Tremor, Wiggle and Mass controls actually do, and I never noticed the fact that the lines you draw will look different depending on the speed of your stroke. This explains a lot but I never realized Inkscape was doing that on purpose. This was very cool to learn, and inspired me to play with settings this morning to create a new, 'realistic' brush to draw with!

Screenshot taken from Inkscape Tutorial, click to enlarge

One of my favorite things about using Inkscape, that over 10 years in, I am still discovering new exciting tools, techniques or tricks. Now that I know about those tutorials that are available, I'll be going back to learn more for sure. Hope you learned something in this post as well. If you want to add something to this or ask any questions hit me up in the comments section below. Happy drawing!

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