Drawing Request Show - Updates and New Schedule this Week

April 26, 2016

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Just a quick release post about some change ups to the EWG twitch stream show 'Drawing Request Show' this week. First about a special addition to the schedule, and then second some tweaks to the rules/ format.

First, EWG will be doing the normal 7pmET Tuesday and Thursday shows. But this week will also see the premier of a special Wednesday 2pmET show! If it goes well it may become a regular installment, if not, will try again some time down the line. Anytime I say 'ET' that accounts for EST and EDT at same time. 

Secondly, some things have changed in the donation tiers and follower milestones departments. I turned up the incentive a bit on the 20 Followers and 100 Followers milestone perks. There's a lot more reward for the milestone! Finished inked art DONE ENTIRELY ON STREAM is given away every 20 follows. Every 100 follows is a two character full color giveaway (or character and a vehicle, or a character and an animal) done entirely on stream during a show as well. Other tweaks include evening out everyone's experience with requests in general. Now any 30+ level will be drawn live but inked/ colored during my day time work like a normal slot commission or similar item. That way everyone gets time has more of a chance to get their requests in, and there's no more than 20 minutes or so spent on even the finished sketch requests. After re-watching some recaps of past broadcasts I realize its a bit unfair to take up a whole show with one finished piece. 

So, to clarify. Everyone even if they donate to the 40 dollar level, will get their piece done live in the initial sketch/drawing phase. But inks/ colors will be done after the fact within the next week! This week will feature a third broadcast date. And there's a lot more incentive to follow this channel and be in the running for those follower giveaways!

A final note is VIPs still get priority and optional 1 color tone treatments, and the top 3 VIPs can change weekly depending on total donations in a given month. The unlocking of custom brushes has been removed for now.

Special shout outs go to the current 3 VIPs, and to Oboeshoes101 who holds the position of all time top supporter aka 'Request King'. 

And big shout out to Stephen HnH for encouraging me to start on twitch. Its been a revolutionary change in my streaming experience.

Thanks for everyone's support! Be sure to follow at twitch.tv/eryckwebb and see you there!

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