Drawing Request Show Eps 11 Recap

April 27, 2016

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Drawing Request Show 11 was probably one of the best ones yet. Had a lot of great requests, and I didn't even get to them all. After a 5 hour show, had to set aside a bunch to do next show. Speaking of which, the next show will be today (Wednesday 4/27/16 at 2pmEST!). Thanks so much for everyone's requests and making the 4/26 show a great one.

If Wednesday's (today's) installment goes well I might make it a regular thing. There is a definite shift in my business model currently where most of my commissions are through streaming right now. Every year, every quarter shifts in its business trends, and right now, the DRS is the main draw (no pun intended). But I'm very thankful for the regular off-stream commissions I enjoy on a regular basis. Keep them coming, I am accepting new commissions daily! Just hit the 'commissions' tab on this site to get the ball rolling.

If you missed this stream, can watch it again for the next couple weeks (till twitch removes it) here: https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/63018543 - any questions/ comments leave them below! Thanks!

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

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