Drawing Request Show - Episode 11-13 Recap Video

May 1, 2016

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Finished the week-spanning recap of Drawing Request Show Episode 11-13. Its 3 times as long as a normal video, because theres 3 episodes instead of one. The video takes close to 15 hours of drawing requests from 3 streams this past week and condenses it into an hour video. I learned a lot making this one. And may reduce the amount of time spent on each drawing in the future to get it closer to 30-45 minutes. But your welcome to weigh in on this idea in the comments. Also open to suggestions on parts you dont want to see left out, and parts I can leave out more. Your thoughts on a weeks worth of streams in one video versus a video per episode. Also thought, instead of recording each episode maybe just do highlights of an occassional favorite request? All thoughts for the future. Read the actual recaps from the week here (I didnt do a recap of Wednesday's special installment apparently)

Episode 11

Episode 13 (best episode yet)

And enjoy the YouTube video recaping episodes 11-13 in elapsed format w/ emphasis on giveaway winners in between. Comments/ suggestions/ questions encouraged on this posts's comments below or on the youtube post.

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