Putting Out The Candle For A Day Or Two - Personal Note Entry

April 30, 2016

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Personal Notebook Entry: 
Well mowed the lawn front and back again before this supposed 'rain' hits later. Been dry for a couple days and the grass was still damp and clumpy. WTH? Doesn't it ever dry out lol. Mowing comes out so much nicer when its dry. I guess its gotta actualy get warm out to dry up the grass by noon. *looking at you weather*

Enjoying some much needed down time today. Lookin forward to some family sunday dinner time tomorrow. But today I'm just exhausted. Had a kickass week but burnt the candle at both ends. As 'Danko Jones' said... 'better to burn out than waste away.' ... 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' ... how i roll baby. But was so worth it. Had the best week of streaming/ Drawing Request Show in the history of me streaming ever. A milestone. And a foretelling of a changing business model. The future has that sense of potential again. The carrot just out of reach. Where will it go next. Time will tell! For now I will be greatful and patient.

Puttering in the studio when I don't HAVE to work, doing some relaxing video editing. Going to probably stick to doing compilations of the week's shows into one video instead of staying up late or cutting into work time to create a video after every episode. Will see how this comes out.
Contemplating personal project ideas that I dont have time for lol. Mmmm crispity.

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

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