BullwinkleCast vs GBGeeky vs The Doctors - Commission

May 2, 2016

#rocky #bullwinkle #boris #natasha #goodbadgeeky #gbgpodcast #thedoctor #doctorwho #docbrown #bttf #characterart #poster #draw #digitalart

Each week I try to release a finished commission piece or personal piece to the gallery that has been sitting around a few weeks or months since it was finished and released. This week's release on the EWG art gallery is this wacky piece. A poster illustration commission for Good Bad & Geeky podcast finished a month or so ago. Their variations on doc brown, and doctor who, descending on the GBG hosts surrounded by moose, squirrel, and their villains. Something to do with the topics in their show. It may have been used as album art cause there was no type. But All I know is it was a lot of fun to work on :) 

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