Drawing Request Show - Episode 14 Recap

May 4, 2016

#twitch #drawing #art #request #stream

So heres the 6 artworks I got done on the 4.5 hour stream tonight, starting around 715pmET and ending about 1130pmET! Not too shabby for four hours work. Also had a couple mentionable highlights!
About 2 hours in we hit the 140 Followers mark (which was the next 20 followers giveaway goal from 120 which was the previous) and held a giveaway for a finished inked piece no time limit and inked to completion as far as I can take it/ good as I can make it. So soon as SomethingWitty91 has time to figure out what he wants I'll make it happen captain. 
Most of these are on tier levels where they will get their inks/ colors in the next week or so and finished off stream. Also had a normal show giveaway of $17 dollars. A number determined by a round of 'Boss Rush' on Beat Hazard. Whatever round I was able to get to was what round would be the number of dollars given away. 
Look forward to doing it again Thursday. Those I did not get to tonight, whether they were VIP or not, get instant VIP status and can not be cut infront of next time and will be finished up there and then. Congrats to the winners, and look forward to working on folks orders next episode
Watch the stream in its entirety on twitch here (available for the next 3 weeks only) at the link below, and will do a recap of the week over the weekend like I did before. Though instead of making it an hour long I will probably cut it even more try to keep it around a half hour. 

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