Drawing Request Show 48 Recap

July 27, 2016

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A great way to start the work week and stream week. Had 11 requests drawn today and one inks warm up which I was able to knock out in 15 minutes! Received a bunch of new requests today that I didn't even get to yet, and am very very thankful for it. Today was the Trayde and TamTam show all these are for one or the other haha. Many are gratitude wins and giveaway wins. 

In other news, before the stream started we were 2 away from our 220 follower goal, and by the end we had two followers, so we're definitely having a $50 total drawing request giveaway on Thursday! Thursday will be the milestone 50th stream of Drawing Request Show so I'll do the giveaway then in place of the normal giveaway. Be sure to come out for that! Multiple winners, spinning a wheel to see what we're giving away and raffling off each prize to a new winner each time till we hit or go over 50 dollars! Dont miss it!

Miss the stream? Heres the recap video on YouTube. Recaps exclude most dialogue and gratitude spin moments and other aspects, so be sure to come out to a live show at twitch.tv/eryckwebb at 2pmET Tuesday-Thursday! Enjoy the vid and see you at the next stream :)

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