Back At The Mill

July 18, 2016

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After a little more than a week off on vacation, I'm back and the graphic art mill that is Eryck Webb Graphics is fired and cranking once again. While I drew in my sketchbook at least once each day while I was away, it will take a little while to get back to fully in the groove I was in digital-art-wise before I left for the vacation. That being said theres a general plan o' attack for the week. Stay tuned to this site/ twitter/ facebook for the updates as they get figured out.

On a final note dont forget to take advantage of the July Sale going on for the next week or two. 20% can be a big help on your digital creative needs.

Had a great vacation, didn't think about work at all. Now I'm going to take the day, get back to customers get some proofs out and figure out the game plan for here on.

Talk to you soon!


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