EW Twitch Stream Recap 81718 and Week Recap

August 17, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks for a fantastic week and fantastic friday stream! It's been a super fu whirl wind and I can't wait to do it again come Monday 

Big shout outs to the top supporters of the week Request King Hamiltoons, Request Champion Epelesker, and Request Boss Cpt_Halvar - your tokens are in your retainers!!

Funny moment today, I went to start a drawing request and the pen was unresponsive. I look at the pen it had no nib in it. I had just done an epic request with lots of fire effects. I must have incinerated it! But I put in a backup nib, that had a spring on it that I've never really used before, and oh my god was that fun. It had such a cool feel and line control was amazing. I might have to get more of that kind.

I want to take this moment, to thank everyone for all their requests, whether it be won, by sub, or by donation. You guys are amazing! A long list means it's something folks are excited about, and looking forward to. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, and the eagerness. I will continue to work hard to make my way down the list! Having said that, even bigger thanks go to those who either wait patiently for their turn to come up and/or feel my art is worth paying extra to get faster priority. I really really appreciate those that do that. I will always make sure you get more for your money, for donating more. All the drawing requests are important to me and I look forward to drawing for everyone as soon as possible! 

I'll be working hard this weekend working on the stream, and getting the book to the printer! It's done being designed but I want to make sure its 100% perfect before sending it off. Best Of Request Vol 2, coming soon!

Have a fantastic weekend, and see you Monday, same Drawing Time, same Drawing channel!!!!
Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Until Monday, enjoy more EW content over on EW YouTube!!! 

Best Of Request Volume 1 still available as a digital book and theres still a few physical copies available! Only in the EWG Store 

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