EW Twitch Stream Recap 82018

August 20, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! We didn't get a LOT done but we got some pretty cool ones done. From the inks and colors on that robot character to the last drawing of the stream drawn for Epelesker using a rarely used brush the 'dip pen' brush. The welcome mats were a Drawing That's Perfect For You win for M4ts ( hence why i drew a couple of mats).

I was personally a bit off my game today mentally/ energy wise. But the encouragement and support was completely contradicting of that. Thanks so much for all the love today, the re-subs, the donations and more. I will push to continue to make it worth it! We also broke a Record Book best today for Most Individual Gratitude Spins In One Stream. The previous record was 20 today we got 23!! Crazy!!! Thank you so much guys.

I had spent most of the weekend working on the book. Then became overwhelmed and a bit defeated when Kiwii and I found probably a good 150+ typos and corrections to make. So the book will be a little longer, but I am determined and pushing for a Fall release!!! Thanks so much for all the encouragement and eagerness for the new book. Really appreciated.

Last week and today also sort of brought to light that I gotta rework a thing or two on this stream. I think most items are going to get retained for future use so the active list is a little smaller. I will be working on upgrades more off stream cause I don't get that many done on stream. The Drawing Request Show will continue. I am also going to probably shave things off the Gratitude Wheel that take too long. This stream is a ever evolving thing. As support and participation rises so some things may need to be dialed back to meet the demand. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement! Every single one of you!

See you guys tomorrow for more. 
Same Drawing Time. Same Drawing Channel.
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