The plan for rest of the week

February 20, 2013

(Lastnights Livestream slot session artwork)

Sup, hope everyones having a good middle o the week. Will be working on comic commissions for the rest of the week with some logo design sprinkled throughout.

Hope to have people come out 9pmEST each night for full color comic commission sessions Wed, Thurs and Friday. Click 'EWG Livestream' button on the right of this site to join in the chat and exhibition of my work. Invite your friends, come ask questions I'll answer when I can. As always theres a 10pm-1020pm intermission as I have caretaking duties at that time. But then I get back to it and get the piece hammered out no problem. Can always count on a lot of energy specialy when a song gets my pumped up or if i find that ever elusive 'zone'. Will try to make a regular weekly thing of extra 'live' slot commissions.

Also officialy announcing that as chemo treatments and the billz that ensue continue for my wife and i I will be trying to offset that each time she has to go in for chemo with a monthly fundraiser. This will continue to at least may if not june/july. Each time will be different as I try to fine tune it each time, learning from the previous events. So thanks in advance for those who are interested in that. Means a LOT to my wife and I.

Here are the currently scheduled livestream slots to come:

9pmEST Wed - Ares12 Seraphina original character depiction (always badass)
9pmEST Thurs - SariaLinde - new humanized my little pony elf (always cute and fun)
9pmEST Friday - ArgoForg - xmen's Blink petrafied statue (always a cool exercise in execution)

See you all then. And thanks in advance for coming out!

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