Livestream Fundraiser Event Day 2 of 3 Fin

February 15, 2013

Well what can I say except... I'm blown away by the support and response on this second night of this three night fundraiser event. I learned a lot from the first night, mostly about pacing and getting stuck on things that make the works take longer. Also streamlined the ordering process. So where the first night it took me 2 hours to complete each of the three works I did that night, tonight I completed at least one an hour. Including breaks, chatting, coordinating purchases and coffee refills. I think I was in a zone? Anywayz I am VERY VERY appreciative and speechless (obvious by my book here right?) by the generosity of fans and customers tonight, at one time there was 15 people hangin gout and supporting the cause. Well tonight is a personal best with the six pieces above, which I'm very happy with all of them and got them all done this evening. Theres still 3 more ordered tonight I didnt get to. One or two will be done 7pm tomorrow and i might do one of them for a warmup in the morning tomorrow before doing day work. 

Thanks so much to people comin out, helpin out me and my wife. Means a whole lot. Every dollar earned drawin these is a dollar more breathing room with the hospital bills. These were all a blast, and everyone who was in the chat was hilarious and just really kept this goin strong. But time for bed! I friggin loved drawin so hard but time for sleep, and my hand/ butt hurts. LOL. Aight, resting up, takin dog to the park in the morning and then getting back to work. 9-5 playas keep makin that money. Its Friday!

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