Calm before the fundraising storm

February 15, 2013

Took wally to SB park for a half hour did a couple laps. Then the powers that be told me I'm not to do anymore because several people showed up with their horse-sized dogs and wally started having a cow so I was like 'theres my sign' that i shouldnt do any more laps LOL. Felt good though and started flurrying as we left. So I'm glad i took my bubsies advice got out early before the snow came. We're supposed to get some snow. Sounds good to me.. I got a live-commish fundraiser to rock tonight. Let it snow snow snow.... just not enough to knock out the power LOL. Anywayz, this is just a lil' blog-moment in my journal. Can't stress enough how much it helps to get out and work up a sweat between massive draw sessions!

Hope to see the regular supporters I've enjoyed having the past two nights come out tonight, and new faces. All your contributions are amazing, and very much appreciated. Makes me very happy to know I'm bringin peoples creations to life, and I'm doing well enough at it that people wanna toss their continued support my way. Means a lot. Thank you!

Session is tonight, broadcasting at 7pm and event starts at 8pm (Eastern Time) - at (or by clicking 'EWG Livestream' on right of this site)

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