Livestream Fundraiser Ends

February 16, 2013

Heres tonights body of work! (In no particular order)
Also the event can be seen recorded in several video parts on Livestream at

Well that title says it all. WOW, it was a very interesting experience and I'm very proud to say it was quite a success. Thank you to the 10-15 regulars who came by each night and tonight hit a record of 20 before evening out for the remainder of the session. Thank you thank you SO much to everyone who came, watched, shared links and especialy bought commissions. Needless to say, the response was so good I'm sitting on a list of about 10 orders that I did not get to! And I have stayed up till 3am each night starting at 7pm. Love love LOVED doing the chibi's, my god they're a blast. Thank you very much to Corey for getting me started on those. I believe they shall be a regular item :) This whole vent was also a great experiment in 'simplifying' my process. Coloring and finishing straight from my digital pencils rather than the additional step of going over everything again with digital brush and doing smoother lines. In many ways, I enjoy the final aesthetic of the sketchier lines varying in tone to be a little more energetic and interseting to look at. This style was used on chibis in the past but it was fun to go hog wild with it on regular character art as well.
Thank you so much to all who came out, thats a couple hundred bucks that is going straight to those damn hospital bills. I can't express my appreciation enough.

Actualy I can, since it was made clear to me one of the biggest points of this event people enjoyed was seeeing their orders come to life in realtime, I realize it'd be cheap of me to finish the left over orders off camera and all that. So I will, when I get the opportunity over the course of the next 2 or 3 evenings, broadcast live and finish the remaining orders. I will not take anymore orders, as the fundraising special is now closed for a while, but I will be finishing them up for those who ordered them to have the same experience that they would otherwise be robbed of since i didnt get to theirs.

And by a panel of at least a dozen individuals who came out every single night of this three night event, it has been made clear that this is a much prefered method of doing commissions and meeting and greeting with customers. In light of this events success, I will definitly make sure to do it again! But not for a while, my eyes, hands and rear is worn out. Its a bit of an endurance test, and I made it. But I done! I learned a hell of alot, and think I grew as an artist for sure. A great experience it seems, for customers, and myself.

From my wife, family and I, thanks for coming out, and makin it happen :)


Update: 2/16 - Lengthy, typo-filled blurbs like above happen when I write them 4:00am in the morning HAHA... just saying.

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