EWG Site Update

February 16, 2013

One of the bigger feedback items that came back from the recent Fundraiser Livestream event was the size of the window. I enjoyed very much everyone's hilarious antic in playing with the type and color formatting. I didnt know that was even an option. But now The EWG site here has been reformatted a bit to allow for larger content window. Which means bigger live-stream window as well as other posts.

Getting on tonight to get an order or two done of the 8 or so I did not get to during the 3 day event. Hope to see those who ordered them there! Will be stopping around midnight instead of 3 or 4 am. Will do small sessions like this over the next couple of days to get these done. Again, thanks so much for everyone who made the event great.

Alright, will try out this bigger livestream window ... feedback welcome! (Comment below or on livestream page that you can get to by clicking EWG LIVESTREAM button on the right featured buttons)

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