Fundraiser LS Commission Event Part 1 of 3

February 14, 2013

Again thank you for everyones support so far!

The first night is complete, it was a massive success, more than I could have anticipated. Thank you to the awesome boys and girls who came out and just geeked out with me into the wee hours of the night. I really enjoyed working on each customer's character and seeing all the conversation about it and the love that they have for their character.

Heres the three I got tonight. I didn't get to two chibi orders and an xmen fan art. But will tomorrow for sure! Hoping also to get more orders keep the extra hospital-bill battling funds going. Thanks to all who are helping with this I hope it shows I'm willing to work for it a bit But beyond all that, it was a blast. Ah... geeks... my people... hehe.

Will be continuing the event Thursday and Friday nights 8pm-12pm EST at - you can place order after the event begins by talking to me in the chat room.

Tonight made over $100 that will go STRAIGHT to those pesky hospital bills! My wife, family and I thank you very much. Heres hoping to keep it going till 12pm friday :) This is all ofcourse extra that I'm raising specificaly for the hospital bills. I'm still doing my normal day time work that is our income for everything else. I'm pleased with the results of this fundraiser attempt so far.

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