UTMNT Commission Character Designs

February 7, 2013

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Lots of real-world practicality and also distinct differences in each character based on their unique personality went into the designs here, also some structural design on how I tink the turtles generaly should look. Even going as far as avoiding 'racial blindness' in the turtle avenue with each turtle having a different silhouette a nd facial design. Not to mention how each chooses to present themselves. The result of some great back and forth collaboration between myself and the client on this take on the turtles.

Crocodile study for 'Leatherhead' and some cropped close ups of the turtles:
Studies of crocodile photos for 'leatherhead' inspiration

The process of notes and design between myself and client

Close up of the current leo design
Isolated shot of raph, who is almost identical/ twin to leo except their personalities and temperaments in this new take!

So, this could turn into more, it could just be one rockin comic, who knows. But really digging into the meat on this and coming out with a great reimagining. Would love to hear your thoughts on the designs.
Probably the only preview you'll get for a while :) But stay tuned!

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