Curly Redhead Elf Livestream Session - Wrap!

February 7, 2013

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Sir Bryan's elf character tried shape shifting, ended up a bit different looking than she was going for. This is in that moment of 'wtf?' Fun stuff, thanks to him and several others who came out and hungout on this week's Wed night livestream. 'Watch EWG Workin Wednesday' will be a regular thing as much as possible in coming weeks as I narrow down my schedule to quit doin evening stuff so much, I'll still do a little bit on Wed :)
Anywho, will be on EWG's Livestream page (by clicking that link or EWG Livestream button on the right of this website) again tomorrow at 8pm for a chibi slot commission (featuring 3 justice league characters) and listening to horseshoes-handgrenades podcast. Keep an eye out on EWG Twitter and Facebook and Deviant Art for when the session begins. And as always, come out and ask questions, study my methods of doin things or shoot the bull! Always good!
Video of this is below: Goodnight! Sleeeep.

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