Blink Statue Trophy Commission

February 23, 2013

This is tonight's Livestream commission all finished up. Done a couple 'trophy-inized' superhero renditions for this customer but its been a while. So when he came to me for this one I wanted to really throw down with my current skills and techniques and make it the best one yet. Everything from embedding the stone texture into the highlight areas and the shadow areas, to the chiseled effect and the dramatic lighing casing shadow on the statue.
Very pleased with it, and do believe the goal of making it best one i've done for him yet is achieved!

Enjoy sir Argo!

Making-of video to be added when it gets posted to the livestream site. In the mean time here's some work in progress shots (click to enlarge any pic in this post)

Alright... great end to a great week of commissions. Have a great weekend!

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