Warmup 2/25/13 - Afro Samurai

February 25, 2013

Warmup this afternoon, the Afro Samurai himself. Been enjoying the 6 episode series on Netflix over the past couple weeks. I could see how a lot of people would find it that 'hard to stomach anime' with the exaggerated blood spurts and the intense-ness of it. But I am definitly feeling it right now. My favorite so far is the one where he fights the cyborg copy that memorizes all his moves, so he remembers an old lesson about using no moves, no form and just making it up on the spot by using reflexes, and then how it turns into this epic sky battle when the cyborgs disguise is ripped away and it becomes a battle between a robot with massive lasers and hightech targeting versus a samurai way up in the sky. Really imaginative for sure. 
Spoiler alert!: Was sad to see his white haired buddy go though. And was surprised because I always assumed he was a figment of his imagination. Perhaps he still is though, maybe theres some underlying metaphor. All I know, is I'm really enjoying the over-the-top balls-to-the wall badassery that is Afro Samurai right now. Cant wait to finish this so I can watch 'Resurrection'. 
Man, I need to find me some Lemonade. Alright getting some work done.
Will be livestreaming all sortsa random art goodness ALL evening starting at 8pm. See you then!

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