Sketchbook: Automatic Drawing and Doodling With Friends

February 20, 2020

To warmup before starting drawing requests on Wednesday I just cleared my mind, and let my imagination and muscle memory take me where it wanted to go. I did whats called 'automatic drawing and hashed together a bunch of shapes and lines to make this fun jumble. Then for further effect I added some color tone. 

Later FooRay stopped by and he and I swapped Original Characters to draw just for fun/ something different to draw. Then I got to meet his friend MerriBerri and we jammed on a few randomly generated themes! It was really fun drawing with FooRay as always and MerriBerri as well. Shes very cool and fun and I look forward to more art jams with her.

The first randomly generated theme was a ' Royal Zombie Killing A Guy Named Bill'. So naturally, I have my royal zombie smiting Bill Nye the science guy... natural result right? I'm a big fan of Bill Nye don't get me wrong. I just thought it was funny....
The second prompt involved a Stoat, which I didn't even know what that was till I looked it up. As soon as I saw what a cute little critter a Stoat is, I had to draw it! I even forgot what the rest of the description was I just wanted to draw a cute little Stoat!!

I wanted to post up these 'just for fun' sketches. Feel free to share some of yours in the comments below! Or if any of these things inspire or motivate you to try them I'd love to see those too! 

Thanks for checking out this post and I'll see you next post!!

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