ewYOUTUBE: Eryck Webb Inks and Tones Epic Battle Scene In Inkscape With Wacom Intuos Pro

February 20, 2020

#video #wacom #inkscape #battle #characterart #digitalart #drawing

This weeks upload to ewYOUTUBE features the inks and gray tones of this epic battle scene upgrade/ commission done for Trayde! His characters are fun to draw and their personalities sort of dictate their actions in every drawing I do of them. Here's a giant one of lots of baddies which were made up on the spot and one big bad leader and the heroic characters trying to fend them off! 

Inked over a period of about 4 hours condensed to about 15 minutes in this video. It was inked in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro Medium!

Thanks for watching! Out of all the different types of videos I've added to the inventory on my YouTube channel over time, which ones are your favorites or do you look forward to more installments of in the future? Leave your comment below or on the video page! Thank you! 

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