Turtles Wraparound Cover Pencils Progress and Week Wrap Up

October 30, 2015

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The above pic is the latest glimpse at my work in progress on the UTMNT No1 Issue Reprint cover. This special wraparound cover is going to be epic when done. Trying to do my best pencils and inks on this piece so its going to take a bit longer than your standard sketched out deal. Still some proportion adjustments to make then will do finished pencils and then inks. Should be done in the next week or two.

This week was a challenging one. I had to unfortunately push some character art and logo graphic jobs back to next week, as priority was getting Transformers 'Another Light' final pages done and out. I'm happy to say I met my personal goal of having it wrapped up by Wednesday. There was some emotion working on final touches of the last page. I was listening to the Transformers movie soundtrack, they were doing the autobots arrive to earth/ optimus prime hero suite, and I was putting final touches on some stars and masking and panel edge touch ups. Got a little emotional I must say. Was only for a moment but was both thrilled I made it to the end of all 41 pages, thrilled that this last chapter came out so epic, happy to finaly take a break from the hardwork of the transformers pages, and sad for it to be done.

Thursday was devoted to TnC and some business stuff in the morning and eaten up by Halloween costume making and trick or treat preparing all Thursday afternoon. What can i say, the hype got me I couldnt concentrate on anything else except halloween all afternoon/ evening. Then, after the trick or treating and a short rest, i finished up TnC that evening.

Friday has been black and white sketch commissions, some website updates (namely taking down the greeting card special item, and updating the website's gallery) and then working hard for several hours on the turtles cover. 

Overall I think my lack of focus on thursday, and my sluggish pace today, was due to working on 7 transformers pages straight monday, tuesday and wednesday. Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Monday i spent finishing up pencils on some areas I wasnt happy with. Then tuesday through wednesday I inked all 7 pages. I thought Tuesday was a record with 3 pages, but Wednesday I did 4. And I really dig how they came out. Don't feel I really sacrificed anything. All the hardwork and figuring was done in the pencils for me, so I penciled all of them first, and let the inks fly without too much second guessing.

Anywho, as I said I did not get to many other commissions, just the must-do comic work this week. Hoping with transformers out of the way, I can buckle down on the backburner, finish up the character art sitting waiting to be completed, get the logos off my desk for good and get ahead on some more comics. 

Will officialy begin working on the 5 greeting card orders i got too and those will be a lot of fun. Should have those wrapped in about two weeks if I stay ontop of it. 

Will be livestreaming Tuesday night at 9PMEST a spiderman/ kid piece. Thursday do a transformers fan piece and a kylie from ghost busters piece starting at 830PMEST

Have a great rest of your Halloween's and see you in November!

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