FrankenDewd Final

October 18, 2015

This is the final design for 'FrankenDewd', the logo variation on the Eryck Webb Graphics 'Face Logo', made special for Halloween/ October. This was pencil designed amongst several variations in my sketchbook then a final digitaly inked design was done on samsung galaxy note in sketchbook mobile, then once it was where i liked it i translated it to a finished vector design on the desktop and applied it to logos/ mastheads around the network of EWG sites. 

This will begin a new category I thought it'd be fun to do, which will steadily grow as I do a new logo variation depending on the month/ holiday. This will be called the 'Logo Face' gallery and feature mainly all the variations on this EWG Face logo as time goes by. Should make a neat collection. I have lots of ideas of ways to do a new one each month. October is halloween, November thanksgiving, December christmas, January new year, february valentines day, april easter, so on so on. This will be a new ongoing addition in the EWG Gallery on this site. Click that link and checkout the variations already in the gallery.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween from EWG!

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