Transformers Run Is A Wrap

October 29, 2015

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My year long run on Hasbro Transformers Collector's Club Magazine comic has wrapped! I was the primary pencils and inks on this years 41 page arc 'Another Light'. An awesome story that in many ways mirrors the 80s animated movie but in far more epic and unexpected ways. This was by far the most challenging and also the most fun comic work I've had to date. I hope fans enjoyed my simplified approach to the designs and my attempts to inject personality into each character. Will share some of my favorite pages after its all said and done, so you can see the line-art under the colors. But I must say these pages were brought to life when you see them fully colored and lettered in print. Right now only the Collectors Club folks get to enjoy the comic but I'm hoping there will be a trade paperback or some other release of the whole year in one volume so others who I know would be interested in it but aren't club members can have the chance to purchase it. Thanks again to Hasbro and Fun Publications for the chance to work on this project. Hope the readers have enjoyed it!

Pencils/Inks by Eryck Webb (Eryck Webb Graphics)
Amazing life-breathing colors by Evan Gauntt (Zero mayhem)
Written by Jesse Wittenrich and Pete Sinclair (The Masterminds)

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