Drawing Request Show Episode 31 Recap

June 9, 2016

#draw #twitch #creative #request #stream

Tonights stream had a lot of awesome drawings, kicked off with an Optimus Prime 5 min warmup. All were a lotta fun. Everything from sexy ladies to Gundams and OCs and everything in between. Noteables was very tame Gratitude Wheel and hitting myself in the eye with my headphones right before starting a piece. Giveaway was a little odd cause it was a new item where its a 13min piece that the winner has to pick for somebody else to have. I may get rid of that one. Thats fun and all for cheapie gratitude spins but giveaway should be for the person who wins. Anywho, an attempt to mix it up that i think wasnt a massive hit. It got some laughs and stuff but.... led to drama more than anything. 
See you one more time this week, for a Friday episode 2pmET tomorrow! 
If you missed the episode and want to see the replay can always view it here: 

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