Mill Is Fired - Studio Is Go

June 1, 2016

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First official day back at it, with a spiffy new studio made possible by my awesome partner in crime and wife Kristina. I (against doctors orders) moved a few things around, spent yesterday getting my equipment all setup in the new setup and kristina took it upon herself (and lets face it i needed the help) to organize and clean up the studio. She got rid of teh clutter, organized the closet and even Wally's perch by the window. Looks great and its so nice to walk into in the morning and feel inspired already. Wanted to share. 
As I stated in yesterday's post, will be streaming Drawing Request Show 2pmET today and each day this week. Look forward to gettin back at it. 
In the mornings I will be picking up production on commission/ EWG orders starting from the oldest working to newest. If your a fairly recent order (In the last month) I will appreciate your patience while I take care of a few loose ends and work my way up the queue in order of received.
Thank you very much! Heres to a fresh start for the summer!

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