Return to DRS went great

June 1, 2016

Warmup sketch I did on my samsung tablet before the show

#twitch #stream #return #back #rocknroll

Very excited to be back. Man it feels good to be drawing again. Like I've been away for it for basicly a week. Tried sketching a couple times but heart wasn't in it. Now its like so good. Like a drug, like zen. Purpose in life kinda thing. 
Thanks to all who came out and made it a great return to the Drawing Request Show! Still hammering out the kinks, this is its first year and all. But onto something special I can feel it. You all are a riot and I'm actualy thrilled for the variety offered by bringing back the inks and colors. Feels damn good. Look forward to doing it again tomorrow. All files sent from today's. Have a great Wedneday night!
If you missed the show, see the recap here:

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