Back To The Mill

May 31, 2016

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Unfortunately, a serious medical situation closed the mill last week. Thankfully I 
was able to recuperate during the holiday weekend and things have stabilized. 
Now I am happy to report the mill shall fire once more!

I spent today 'test firing' things and getting my studio back in shape.
 Adjustments have been made to my office space and twitch stream setup 
that I've been itching to get done. Now I can officially fire up the mill tomorrow!

 The drawing at the top of this post was my official first drawing since illness 
struck last Thursday.  Man it felt good to draw again! It's so good to be back! 
I'm looking forward to completing everyone's orders and all the good times on Twitch. 

I have decided to make a few tweaks to the schedule to accommodate some
 changes I personally need to make. Now, I'll be working on 
non-stream related commissions in the morning and getting those
 knocked out. The afternoon will be spent streaming the 
Drawing Request Show (DRS) and taking commissions that way. 

For non-stream commissions, check out the Order Tracking page to see my queue. 
Use the commissions section to request a quote and review my price list. 

I look forward to seeing you at the DRS at 2 pm EST Wed, 
Thurs and Friday this week for more twitchin mayhem!

 I'm happy to announce that there are new things to look forward to! 
There is an enhanced wheel for the daily giveaway and 
for when we hit follower goals.  There is also a new 'gratitude' wheel for 
those who donate but don't want any  sketches in return. 
You'll get a little something as thanks fo sho! 

Be sure to come out 2 pm EST every day this week at for the fun!

It feels good to be back and I'm looking forward 
to drawin up a storm for everyone once again. 

Thanks so much for everybody's encouragement and support during 
my recent difficulties. I'm so  looking forward to getting back in the mill! 

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