French Stallion FanArt: Heavy Metal Baguette

June 3, 2016

#twitch #stream @frenchstallion #french #stallion #metal #rocknroll #baguette #nutella #rose #sexy #cringe - M-F 6pmET!

Thought I'd cap off the week with posting that French Stallion tribute art I did a few weeks ago. Was first time in many months I had been inspired to do some art of my own in my freetime and I thank the stallion for that. His stream is awesome on two levels. 1. Its great to go out there and be around so many fans of metal/ rock which I do not have a lot of that in my life. The fact that he can rock so many different types of music and still make it epic is awesome enough. But 2. he is also entertaining as hell. Hes out there, every night entertaining and making people laugh, cry (with laughter) and cringe. The metal is awesome, but honestly I get most excited when somebody subs cause that means a wheel spin is coming. If I could have figured out a way to put the sexy cringe wheel in this piece too I would have. But I wanted it more of a rocking salute, to a very original and very awesome twitch streamer. I've seen a few 'copy cats' pop up recently similar to his format. But nobody else comes close. Rock on, you crazy baguette! Thanks for tearin' up my thrash requests and entertaining all of us M-F. A twitch legend in the making.

Also enjoy the inks and pencil stages of this piece below. Any thoughts/ comments be sure to share them below! Heres a link to the youtube session where I was working on this piece for those who dig that kinda thing! See you round the interwebs.

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