Daily Practice: Atom Ant Combined With Two Face - Randomly Generated Mashup and Process Video

August 30, 2020


#twoface #atomant #dccomics #hannabarbera #mashup #amalgam #drawing #inkscape #randomprompt #dailysketch 

Using my list of 140 animation, video game and comic characters I randomly chose two to mash together! Was a fun prompt/ and way to practice drawing!

This one was using Two Face and Atom Ant! They became Atom The Two Faced Ant or The Split Atom Ant! ( Its fun making the amalgam names )

This is a 20 minute drawing condensed into a few minutes! I didn't do any preliminary just took the mashup and ran with it, making it up as I went! Drawn in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro

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Music by Fascinating Earthbound Objects

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Watch the video by clicking the image on this post or this link https://youtu.be/dE2XgM8UA7c

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