MaXx Gon - Daily Drawing Practice 8292020

August 29, 2020

Click to enlarge! 'The Maxx' and 'Gon' studies and brainstorming and final drawing

Click to enlarge! 'The Maxx' and 'Gon' finished amalgam character! 8.5x11 piece

Click to enlarge! 'The Maxx' and 'Gon' references, sketchbook brainstorming and WIP piece!

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Enjoying some quality Saturday time at the traditional drawing table. I used my new character picking generator method and picked two characters to combine for today's daily drawing practice. To my surprise it picked 'The Maxx' a character popular in the 90s that I was generally aware of, but not super familiar with, and one of my all time favorite characters 'Gon'. After some brainstorming in the sketchbook I penciled it out on 8.5x11 marker card stock and then finished it with a pentel fude brush pen i have filled with speedball ink and then inkwashed it with a watered down pen of the same kind. Really dig the mash up and hope you do too! The piece is safely stored away and generaly available for purchase world wide, just DM on any of my sites or in the comments below if interested! 

I'm looking forward to more traditional drawing practice and daily character mashups ( and even maybe some solo ones ) all #sketchtember long! Come out to to catch me drawing them live each weekday, and make sure to follow me on @eryckwebb on twitter and @eryckwebbgraphics on instagram/ facebook to see when I post the finished works!

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