Thank Yew Crew, For A Great Week!

August 21, 2020

 Works from Friday's Drawing Request Show stream:

Works from the rest of the week:

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We capped off an epic Drawing Request week with more epic drawings. Some chronic angelic monster colors, some cartoons and a cool texture toned cyberpunk girl original. 

As I said on stream today, thank you to everyone who supports the stream, Eryck Webb Graphics and me. But mostly the hat. The hat craves drawings. You support not only all that, but my wife, our life and her ability to help others without having to worry about an income. Shes the other half of this brand, and of this life your encouraging and supporting. So thank you very much from me, her and all the people we support as well. 

That being said, I'm really enjoying the drawing groove lately. This 5 days a week schedule is manageable and its fun to see you guys ever day. I also like the evolution and growth the new format allows me, and I hope you guys see it too. My style continues to change, evolve and the timerlessness allows me the time to experiment and try new things for new looks never before see on the stream. I'm also very much enjoying the opportunity to work in other content, like personal works and traditional art and other projects. 

I know you guys will come out, support me and be interested in pretty much whatever I'm up to each day on stream, and thats when you know you are connecting with the community and doing something special.

Keep drawing, stay inspired, whatever it is do it to it and I'll see you guys next week for more!  

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