Holiday Crunch Is In Effect - THANK YOU!

December 4, 2021


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The holiday crunch is underway! Thank you to all who give me so much to work on day after day! Here's what the production schedule looks like here at the Drawing Mill through Christmas Eve! All new orders wanted by Christmas starting last Monday after Thanksgiving have to be subject to rush fees! This covers adding time and the inconvenience of bumping non-priority jobs forward a notch to make your needs work! I'm grateful for this challenge though, thank you for all the work and support! This is a great problem to have, and thank you for allowing me to have it! It goes without saying, any new orders that can be delivered by the standard 4 week turnaround, aka after the new year will remain normal cost! 

We're down to the last three weeks of Drawing Request Show streams, and we'll have a fun official year end wrap stream on the 22nd!! Naturally, some items MAY fall through to after the new year if they are not priority items or rush items or Christmas-based art gifts. But I am going to do my best to not let any of that happen!

Back to the grind! Have a great December all!

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