Impromtpu Saturday Stream Spinout

January 16, 2016

#camaro #kungfu #master #oldman #musclecar #sportscar #sketch #warmup

Attempted a saturday 'flash' livestream commission session. It didn't really go off as well as I'd hoped. But learned some stuff. Will be ready to try it again some time in the future. Got these fun warmup sketches done while waiting for orders. All I got was one or two folks who wanted to commission some Adult themed material and I just don't do that. I guess they've never seen my gallery. I do some fantasy art/ etc but nothing explicit and overtly sexual or violent. I try to keep it all ages, so that anything I can do I can in most cases show it to aspiring young graphic designers and my grandma and everyone in between. There are definitely exceptions. I enjoy some 'nose art' style pinup stuff and the like. But I really try to keep it tasteful. And I continue to keep it that way. I might loose some likes, views and money, but you know what, I can be proud of that. Taking money to draw that kind of stuff would not be something I'd be proud of. 

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