Chilly MLK Day - Warmup Sketch 11816

January 18, 2016

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Temperatures dropped big time heading into the evening yesterday. A cold snap from up north I presume. Its 8 degrees out this morning but real feel of -8degrees. So, needless to say, furnace working over time, I've got multiple socks and shirts and my drawing gloves on both hands and I've got shoes on too but for the life of me can NOT get my feed and shoulders to stop freezing. Its really enough to make me work from the tablet downstairs on the couch wrapped in blankets all day.

But I always enjoy homaging the king, he was a hero. A normal mortal super hero of his day and age and was striving for amazing things. We should all strive for the same. But I had to do the mash up this morning of the fact that its MLK day, AND the coldest day of the year so far. Probably at all. My parents in law's water pipes out in the country tend to freeze when weather gets into the teens. They have heaters and stuff setup to compensate but... nope. They gonna just be plain frozen today me thinks. Very happy ours is not. Water is running, heat is operating all though not keeping up well at all with how cold it is. Insulation is not a massive plus in our house here. Things to work on. But still... must remember to be thankful for roof over our heads, walls to keep out the wind and water electricity and heat in general. Could be a LOT worse, and for that I'm thankful. Now if I can just get my darn feed and shoulders to warm up.

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