4 Inked Commissions WIP

January 18, 2016

#saltyroo #sting #taki #tekken #pugglys #inkscape #digitalink #digitalart #drawing

Today's 4 commissions slated to get finished in black and white today. Off to the flatter to get all colored up by Friday while I move onto tomorrow's to-dos. Ungrounded and TnC!

Have a great night all and thanks to those who came out to EWG Twitter stream. Going to make an effort to stream more whilst working cause it helps show people what i do when they hire me, and maybe teaches aspiring folks a thing or two. Also its one of the only ways to interact with me in real time and is a good way to inquire about your commission needs and such before ordering from EWG.

Get these shaded/ highlighted on Friday when they come back from flatting.

Very happy with these despite spending the whole day freezing in 10 degree weather with a -5 degree wind chill. My feet and fingers are popsicles. But I got it done. :) 

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