Canopy And Hunter Twins WIP Commission - Pencils

January 22, 2016

#raptor #raptors #jurassicworld #jurassicpark #junglegirl #canopy #inkscape

Working on this commission in Inkscape to cap the day today. Dwald's OC 'Canopy' and her two pet raptors / hunting companions. Was a fun piece to work on. Streamed the progress and also recorded it might upload the pencils to youtube sometime soon. Had Jurassic World soundtrack on youtube playing in background. Really helped set the mood. Alright, this will be inked/ colored but for now its a stopping point. Special thanks to my wife Kristina for flatting 5 character arts this week which I was able to then shade/highlight and send finished to the clients in one hour. Saved me hours of work while I worked on other jobs. Look for me to start booking slots starting next week but till then, have a great weekend! Beware the coming snow storm!

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