Fathom - Ink and Color - LSN End Cap

January 22, 2016

#fathom #trident #championsonline #arc #superhero #inkscape #photoshop #digitalart #characterart

Awesome customer, Dwald's OC 'Fathom', shown here in finished inks and final colors. This was one of two commissions received during tonight's open table event 'EWG Live Sketch Night'. Always enjoy drawing DWald's characters. Also did a wicked Salty Roo black and white.

Tonights event was a nice changeup from the comic work I've been doing all day. But did not reach the goal of at least 4 orders that I was going for. But a couple new commissions have come in this week seperate from this event that helped even it out. And starting next week I'll be launching weekly slots to fill in the gaps between larger jobs this winter.

Time for bed. Lots more character art to work on tomorrow. Goodnight!

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