Break Time, Live Sketch Night Tonight!

January 21, 2016

#twitch #comicpanel #comicbook #digitalink #inkscape

Alright, well that was a GREAT EWG Twitch streamin afternoon! Thanks so much to @MoltenInk and whoever else was responsible for spreadin the words and helping 52 art stream fans find their ways to my stream! Gotta be a record! I think the most I've ever had before was like 15? It thinned out to about a dozen by the end but they hung out long hall. Really enjoyed havin everyone in the chat. Got two more Ungrounded pages inked. I was slated to color two other ones too but this spread was deceivingly chock full of stuff to illustrate. Very happy with how it came out. Hope Patrick will be too. Goin for broke on these pages baby! Alright, but much needed break after wrestling this Goliath all day. Looking forward to the change of pace for some black and white character art sketching tonight. Will be turning on some tunes and just opening up a can of kick-ass in Inkscape all evening. Look forward to having folks out. Will be setting up/ warming up 830ish (after a new Big Bang Theory) and then rockin the socks as long as I can tonight. See everyone then!

And I originally intended to do Picarto stream tonight but Twitch was so amazing today that I may just launch on there for tonight! I'm fairly new to Twitch, but I never had that kind of audience on Picarto or YouTube or much less - so yeah, growing to dig it.

Get your paypals ready! Its gonna be a digital ink whirlwind!

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