Meanwhile, In Australia

January 26, 2016

#madmaxfuryroad #furyroad #madmax #australiaday2016 #aussieday #australiaday #koala #australia #bloodbag

Couldn't resist. Had this idea occur to me this morning. Love the Fury Road movie and after I drew my koala piece for australia day during coffee this morning I thought of this. Thought 'well I already did one' then couldnt shake it. Haha, very glad I did. LOL. I feel like any show or movie could cut scene to Australia at any time and mad max movies are whats going on down there all the time. Lol. 'Meanwhile in Australia' road warriors are fighting over gas and fuel and breeders. Lol. Ah, I amuse myself if nobody else. Hang on Koala! Hope Australia enjoys its day :)

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