15 Minute Cool Down Sketch Request Session To Cap A Great Week

January 29, 2016

#cooldown #sketch #sketchrequest #freestyle #draw #doodle #pun #cartoon

Ended this busy day and this busy but awesome week with a 15 minute timed cool down sketch session. Had 5 or 6 folks in the chatroom on twitch that called out random suggestions/ themes etc and I did whatever my brain processed it as. So for instance 'link' (of nintendo fame) i drew a mad link who is having trouble clicking a link.... 'cobra samus' which i am sure was for a sexy cobra-nized samus i turned into a cobra metroid and i could tell the room of guys wanted some cheesecake so i drew a sexy mouse. Yeah thats how the whole session went haha. From 'car pool' and i drew the octopus with 8 thumbs up randomly and tamtam dubbed it 'octolike' and wished they could use it on facebook. I was listening to beastie boys so they said i should draw a beastie boy.

Lots of fun. very similar to what i'll be doing next wednesday for the masses and taking whatever folks want to donate during the event. a certain tier will allow to request below that is appreciated. above that tier is you get a hires of it. higher you get a black and white inked finished bw drawing. above that a full color drawing. above that a video of the drawing start to finish.

looking foward to it! fun way to cap a busy day and week, will have to do these more just for fun. :)

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