Not Sure About That Donut

January 14, 2016

#donut #doughnut #cafe #baddonut #comicpanel #art #wip

Work in progress panel of Ungrounded pages in the works. Fun sequence of Major Freakshow enjoying a donut with friends. Unfortunately thats where I have to stop for this afternoon. Making headway on this current Ungrounded chapter I'm working on. My best yet me thinks. Can't wait for people to check it out. But for now, gotta go take a nap/ have dinner. etc. 

Can't wait for Live Sketch Night tonight! Will do as many orders as I can live but feel free to order more than one and I'll get them done within the next week. If I run over I will do bonus streams to keep it fair. See all then! And will post the finished page after the book is out later on!

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