Practice Sketch - 1.11.16 - Optimus Prime

January 11, 2016

#optimusprime #transformers #truck #robot #characterdesign #sketch #warmup

Post lunch warmup sketch of Optimus Prime. Just playing with thoughts on proportions and size. I keep thinking I should do some David Bowie homage or something but I really did not follow his work at all. And when I go to find like one defining picture, he changed his look so many times theres no iconic look that stands out. He had a bunch. Plus I'm like a lot of folks who only know his song from Gaurdians of the galaxy or what not. Never saw labyrinth. Lol. I do know that he was a creative fellow and losing one such as he is never a good thing. So heres to David Bowie, may I know you better in years to come.

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