Best of Request Volume 6 Production has begun!

January 10, 2022


Production on the next book in the series officialy begins when the title page is updated!

The first step, after making new page files for the new book, is to collect all the drawings from that year and start formatting them, then selectively eliminating ones that won't be in the book till only the best and favorite remain.

As of this morning, production has begun on Best of Request Volume 6. There's a lot of fore thought and brainstorming that has been going on since the end of 2021, but today the actual creation begins. This will be a collection of the 2021 stream year's best drawings, and feature retrospective notes on year highlights and top moments. I want to build on what worked best in previous volumes, and continue to improve. Best of Request Volume 6 is slated for a spring release!

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